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Steam output: 90 g/min

Electrical safety: if the press plugged in and closed about 10 seconds, the electrical heating is automatically cut off
Steam ready: in 3 minutes
Water reservoir with level indicator: yes
Capacity: 0,75 liter
Can be re-filled at any time giving uninterrupted ironing
Type of water: tap water or dematerialized water
Anti-scale cartridge: yes
Change of cartridge by visual control:  change of color
Heating plate temperature pilot light: yes
Adjustable temperature thermostat: yes
Anodized heating plate: yes
Tilted table: yes
Wide-angle opening: yes
Locking latch for transport: yes
Automatic pressure: 45 kg (33 g/cm2)
Pressing cushion: yes
Power 220-240 Volts: 2200 Watts





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