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Variable steam output: yes

Steam output up to: 80 g/min
8 Pre-selected programmes: yes
Heating up time: 3 Minutes
Temperature of steam generation up to: 200 C
Detachable water container with level indicator
Capacity: 1,2 L
Can be re-filled at any time giving uninterrupted ironing
Type of water tap water or demineralised water
Anti-scale cartridge: yes
Cartridge lifetime indicator: yes
Generator temperature pilot light: yes
ON/OFF switch: yes
ON/OFF pilot light: yes
Safe 12 Volt steam trigger on handle: yes
Range: 7,6 M
Storage space for power lead: yes
Facility to connect an optional iron: yes
Power: 220 -240 V 2200 W

Flexible steam hose
Extension tubes
Curved connector
for brush attachments
Triangular brush
Window wiper
steam jet nozzle with detachable brush





Steam Ironing Press

    RAADEX Press RA 6200
    RAADEX Press RA 6100
    RAADEX Press RA 6000 Plus
    RAADEX Press RA 6000
    RAADEX Press RA 5950
    RAADEX Press RA 5000
    RAADEX Press RA 6500

Steam Generator Iron

    RAADEX Steam Generator Iron
    RAADEX Steam Cleaner RA 120
    RAADEX handy Iron RA 45

 Steam Cleaners

    RAADEX Steam Cleaner for Floors
    RAADEX Steam Cleaner for Glass
    RAADEX Steam Injection Cleaner